I was about to graduate Specs Howard School of Media arts in the summer of 2002. Before I graduated, I wanted to see what radio was really like. The ONLY station I wanted to work at was WMMQ. Mostly because of Deb Hart. She was a Michigan girl who made her name on the radio. I wanted to see what she could show me.

I went begging for an internship at the behest of my wife and got one. The first day at the station, I felt like I had found home. Most of the people were broken like me and very entertaining. It didn't take me long to realize I could hang.

Getting to know Deb was very hard at first because in radio... few stick around. So, you don't invest in relationships that won't work out. Eventually she let her guard down and we became friends.

After my grace period, Duran became a very good friend. I haven't had many like him. We say the word "Pals" in reference to "Young Guns" but brother seems more legit.

Nick came along at the perfect time. I was buzzing along on afternoons for about 5 years and when he came here it recharged my love for the station.

It always cracks me up when people say "so and so plays the good tunes."

SO and so plays the tunes the music director scheduled. That is how you keep your job in radio today: PLAY WHAT THEY SAY OR YOU GO AWAY. No one has unscheduled music except the All Request Saturday Night.

This radio station is all about music and good people. The music never changes and neither do the people. Most of us being from Michigan makes it even better.

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From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

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