I've lived in Lansing for 26 years. Living in Lansing has consumed more than half my life. When I moved to Lansing, I was in my early 20s. Moving to a bigger city wasn't culture shock, it was awesome because there was more to do.

I couldn't help but fall in love with the Mid-Michigan area. There's always something to do, and living in the vicinity of a Big 10 school is pretty awesome. I had no allegiance to any college. It came naturally when I moved to the area and I became a Spartan fan.

That's my experience in Lansing. Sure, I have had some not so awesome experiences too. Like, why does everything close downtown at night? I think downtown Lansing is cool but there really isn't anything to do after 5 PM. There's a restaurant or two that might be open. There's a cigar bar downtown that I like to go to occasionally. Other than that, there are no venues for live music anymore, food options are minuscule at best and there just isn't anything to do.

These are first world problems. I get it. I am grateful to be healthy and alive. I can muster the courage to get through my day despite my minor disappointments. I am not the type of person to write a negative review. I will write a positive review anytime I am blown away by anything, especially customer service.

Other people aren't like me, though. Here are some negative reviews about the capital city.

10 Negative Online Reviews About Lansing

Some people like to write reviews no matter what. I was curious about what some people might be saying about Lansing in their online reviews, so I went to the website niche. Keep in mind there might be spelling and grammar errors as these are direct quotes from their reviews. Some reviews are older.

Lansing, like all cities, has its flaws. Despite the violent crime, Lansing is still a good place. Contrary to some of these older reviews, the restaurant scene is growing fast. If you had a review of Lansing, what would it say? Drop it in the messages.

Funny Negative Reviews of Spartan Stadium

Some people have legit complaints behind their negative reviews...these are not that. Here are some of the silliest reasons people have left behind negative ratings for the crowned jewel of East Lansing.

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