I have never been to Wayback Burgers. I did see the video from a few years ago when Wayback Burgers posed the Triple Triple Challenge. That is where they see who can eat their burger with 9 patties and 9 slices of cheese the fastest. Molly Schuyler tore hers up in 40 seconds.

Wayback Burgers offers fresh, never frozen meat! 5021 W. Saginaw next to Borics. They are open from 10:30am-9pm Monday through Friday.

If you have a burger snob in your family like I do, a trip to Wayback Burgers is in the forecast. I know I won't be ordering a Triple Triple but I love a good burger more than Randy from Trailer Park Boys. The onion rings look delicious. You can see more of the story here. Check out the Wayback menu by clicking here.

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