About two months ago I was nominated to participate in the 12th Dapper Dads Challenge and Fashion Show event which coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Women Working Wonders (W3).

I am familiar with this event. I've had many friends participate in the Dapper Dad contest and have heard that this fundraiser is a blast and it's for a great cause.

Proceeds benefit the projects of Sparrow Foundation W3. They are an amazing volunteer committee dedicated to improving the physical and psychological health of women. W3 does some amazing work and has raised funds to help care for women with breast cancer, new moms, victims of sexual assault, the medically underserved and more. That's impressive and inspiring.

Check this out. Since the inception of Dapper Dads in 2009, the "Dads" have collectively raised over $4 million dollars for women's health initiatives in Mid Michigan. This is awesome. I am honored to be a participant in this year's Dapper Dad campaign.

Each year a new initiative is selected. This year we will be raising money for comprehensive breast health at Sparrow. That is everything from screening to diagnosis, treatment, reconstructive surgery and support.

I was familiar with W3 prior to being nominated. I have learned a lot more about their mission and their dedication to women's health. This will be a lot of fun. I'd like to invite you out to help support and raise money for W3 and for better women's health.

Brews & Ballots: A Blast for Dapper Dads is on August 16th from 5p - 7p at Lansing Brewing Co., 1518 E. Shiawassee in Lansing. Come out to enjoy some beverages and light bites. The Dads are competing for prizes and we'd love to have you there.

Dapper Dads Challenge & Fashion Show is on September 14th starting at 5:30p, Kositchecks, 113 N. Washington Square in Lansing. This event is for all the marbles. All "Dads" will participate in a fashion show, complete with our own routines, two minutes of runway time and our music choice. Look out, this will be awesome. The top 12 vote getters will be featured in a calendar.

Please join me in standing with W3 to raise money for their amazing group and their mission.

If you'd like to vote for me or any of the other amazing dads participating, please vote here.

Dapper Dad's

Getting primed for Dapper Dad's, 2022. I clean up ok.

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