Taylor Lewan thinks lakes can't have beaches. He says only oceans have beaches. And he played football at the University of Michigan!

Lewan Tweets Out Some Serious Misinformation

Fully admitting that we live in the age where people just want to get attention, for some unknown reason, Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans took to Twitter this week to declare that only oceans can have beaches.

Say what!?!? Yeah. And he played his college football at U of M!

(And yes, I can honestly admit that I have been 'claiming' lakes have beaches for years! haven't we all?)

Needless To Say, If Lewan Wanted Attention, He Got It! And None Of It Good

From Ohio State and Michigan State fans wondering what has happened to Michigan's academic standards, to people posting the dictionary definition of a beach, to Great Lakes residents overwhelming Lewan's Twitter feed with photos of magnificent lake beaches, Taylor apparently has been schooled about what a beach is.

But he's yet to issue a retraction of his dumb comment.

Let's take a look at the awful fallout Taylor has had to endure.

Here's Chris weighing in that not only do lakes have beaches, they are WAY better than ocean beaches.

Well, the rotten fish smell can occur anywhere there's fish, but everything else he says is true.

D just says a big 'whatever' to Taylor, and shows what he's missing.

Dan was the first to question Lewan's education.

Scott wondered why Lewan never made the trip to Lake Michigan while he was here.

A guy named SkiBum says all of us Michganders were triggered because we can't "afford" to live in SoCal. Well, Ski, we can, but we don't because SoCal beaches are filthy.

Akidoka took the sand comment to extremes by posting this shot from Silver Lake.

Dave's a Sparty fan who saw an opportunity to take a dig at UM. Rightfully so.

Chop City went literal. And chided Taylor for not at least doing a Google check before uttering nonsense.

So far, Taylor appears to be just sitting back and taking the punishment, but my gut feeling is that he uttered the nonsense to get his profile beefed up. In that case, dumbass, mission accomplished.

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