The Super Bowl Champions, Kansas City will kick off the NFL season tonight hosting Houston. They will be allowing 22 percent capacity of Arrowhead Stadium, around 16 thousand fans. All fans will have to wear a mask unless they are stuffing food in their mouth. The Chiefs are even providing commemorative masks for the first 3 games. The vendors at Arrowhead will not be accepting cash.

It's typically one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and one of the biggest home field advantages in sports. It'll be interesting to see how it effects the game and if they pipe loud crowd noise into the public address system. Otherwise, the networks better get that delay ready because you are going to hear some things that your mama wouldn't believe said on the field by the players.

The Lions open up their season Sunday at Ford Field against the Chicago Bears and NO FANS will be attending. It shouldn't be a new experience for the Lions. Why no fans? Because no one should be forced to watch an entire Lions game. Seriously, duh... It's inside where the virus thrives. Arrowhead Stadium is outdoors. Plus, the Chiefs are a winner. The Lions suck. Although, they do normally play good in the first game of the season and the Thanksgiving game.

They were 3-12-1 last year. I am not expecting them to win anything. As of right now, the Lions are not planning on having fans at any home games this season. Less people to suffer watching the misery unflod.

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