2020 was supposed to be the year where we saw clearly... You know 20/20. What a turd this year has been and I have never been happier to flush a year.

Looking ahead in the forecast... I don't see any reason to believe this Christmas will be white.

To wrap up a complete disappointment of a year, there are those hoping for a white Christmas but I am just not seeing it. This is my trying to jinx it and piss off mother nature and reverse psychology to get what I really want... but it won't work because it's 2020.

Christmas does not seem as magical when there is no snow. Leading up to it, all we hear is songs about White Christmas, sleigh rides in the snow and magical snowmen. Then, when you see green on Christmas morning, it kills your holiday cheer.

This Christmas is going to be rough enough on people with all the COVID CRAP being weaponized as a political issue.

The plus side, is with all the people not getting together and there NOT being a bunch of snow and Ice on the ground... I bet December accidents will be at an all time low.

Arguments about masks will be at an all time high.

Stay safe. Protect your families. There will be plenty of snow in the next 2 months.

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