How many times have you gone into a bathroom only to find that your are fully engaged in the task at hand and BOOM, no toilet paper! Whether at home or a public restroom, nothing compares to the fear that you cannot complete your assignment.

If your fortunate enough to be at home when it happens, you at least have the 50/50 chance that you have some extra TP in a close proximity to your location. The humiliation of the crab-like walk that you have to endure to your destination can of course be enhanced by being seen! Then, the look of horror on the face of the witness and the scars it could possibly leave on them emotionally, could mean years of expensive therapy and even rehab from the ensuing drinking problem that was caused by whole event.

So to avoid costly therapy, emotional distress and the embarrassment and humiliation all together, be kind to one another and make sure there is plenty of back up for the next in line.