Many states have started offering Covid vaccine incentives, but Ohio has stepped it up with a lottery and I think Michigan needs to do the same.

With more people getting vaccinated things have started to open back up all over the country, but there are still many people holding out on getting the vaccine. In an effort to boost vaccine numbers, some states have started to offer incentives. Nobody is doing it better than Ohio is though with their Covid vaccine lottery.

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made the announcement that there is going to be a huge lottery exclusively available for residents that have gotten their vaccine. You can get the specifics of the vaccine lottery here.

The short version is that five people will each be given $1 Million over the course of five weeks. The only thing they have to do to be entered into the lottery is get vaccinated. The lottery is open to anyone over 18 that has been vaccinated.

So what about the vaccinated people under 18?

Don't worry, the lottery did not forget the under 18 crowd with the prizes. Now that the vaccine is available for anyone over 12, there needs to be an incentive for them too right? The lottery will enter anyone under 18 that has been vaccinated into a drawing for four tuition free years at any state university.

Should Michigan steal the vaccine lottery idea from Ohio?

The short answer is YES.

There is a pretty big divide between people when it comes to the vaccine. Most of the people that were on the fence have decided to get vaccinated after months of safe vaccinations. The people that refuse to get vaccinated will probably never get the vaccine, regardless of any incentive.

That's good news to those of us who are vaccinated, because it would only increase our chances of winning the vaccine lottery!

Are we really thinking about giving Ohio credit for a good idea?

Listen, I know what you are thinking . . . and I agree.  It hurts my heart to give Ohio credit for any good idea. In fact it happens so rarely that it's hard to even think about it without getting a little sick to my stomach.

This is one of those rare times that we need to be the bigger state, and just admit it.

Someone call up Big Gretch, and let's get this Michigan Covid Lottery business done!


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