John Cooper was a great football coach... But he couldn't beat Michigan. He was 2-10-1 at Ohio State in his 13 years there against the Wolverines.

This is year #5 of Jim Harbaugh at Michigan and he is 0-4. A loss Saturday would ensure these comparisons are made. I already started calling him Jim Coop-Baugh.

Ohio State has the best football player in College Football, Chase Young. Through 9 games he has set the Ohio State record for sacks with 16.5 and has 7 forced fumbles this season. I would give him the Heisman Trophy if I had a vote.

I was at the Big House for MSU vs Michigan and the Wolverine fans were nice when they weren't winning. Once they started winning, they started talking all kinds of smack to the MSU people, really nasty stuff. Even yelling at the MSU band. They are bad losers... but even worse winners. Act like you have been there and take the high road just once.

Let's Go Buckeyes!

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