An Ohio woman with a violent history had a literal beef with a Walmart customer that landed her in jail.

Tuesday afternoon the South Euclid Police Department were tasked with getting to the meat of the problem as they responded to a very unusual call.  A fight between two women in their twenties involved violent threats, spit and 10 pounds of ground beef.  It turns out there is already a well documented history between these two women according to the South Euclid Police Department facebook page,

Officers learned one woman had a protection order out against the other, stemming from an incident(s) from when the two resided in the same duplex in University Heights.

The 25-year-old woman who is legally not allowed to go near the other woman allegedly ignored the protection order and violently confronted her in the chip aisle.  I guess you could say she was salty.  Here's where this story gets really bonkers.  The suspect threatened to beat up the victim and her 7-year-old daughter then pulled her mask down and attempted to spit on the victim but missed.  She then grabbed a giant piece of packaged meat from the victim's shopping cart and hit her in the face with it.

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The South Euclid Police Department did not release the suspect's name to the public.  They arrested her for violating a protection order and assault.  The suspect also has to face the music on multiple outstanding arrest warrants.  There's no word on the condition of the 10 pound beef log.

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