Don't be surprised if you happen to see me out, rummaging through old dusty barns or stopping by your yard sale in search of old stuff! Spring and summer are a picker's paradise!

My latest trend has been finding old fishing tackle, rods and reels. Most of which is fairly common. I have yet to come across that rare color and lure combination that makes collectors drool. But trust me when I say that they are out there.

There are thousands of attics with Grandpa's old tackle box or hidden spots in the garage that hold that one special piece to finish a collector's set.

Being the Great Lakes State, you can imagine that we have had our share of lure manufacturers. Names like Paw Paw, Dowagiac, Shakespeare, Heddon and Eppinger are all synonymous with Michigan's fishing industry and collectible tacke. Other lesser known lures like Alger, are a little harder to identify but bring very good money.

All in all, lure collecting can be fun and profitable. But be prepared for long hours of research and once you're hooked, have the old wallet open. It's going to cost you eventually.

Photo: Dude Ranch Media
Photo: Dude Ranch Media