I have been a fan of the NFL my entire life. I always wondered if it was all fixed and all the games had a predetermined outcome. My dad always thought it was fixed. If you watch enough, you see meaningless touchdowns scored to cover spreads all the time.

The NFL had promised $30 million in funding for concussion research in 2012. When they didn't approve of the lead doctor, who had been critical of the NFL for suppressing concussion information, the NFL tried to influence the science and when they couldn't, they pulled their funding. ESPN Outside the Lines reported the story. Click here to check it all out. It stinks to high heaven.

The NFL tried to suppress concussion info before. If you haven't seen the "League of Denial" documentary, it's pretty eye opening. Hollywood thought it was so good they made a movie about it starring Will Smith called "Concussion".

People think this means the end of football. It means the end to football as we know it. One of the head concussion doctors believes kids shouldn't play TACKLE football until age 14. All that means is, flag football will become more prevalent. Kids should not be playing tackle football at age 5. In "League of Denial," an 18 year-old high school player died and had his brain analyzed. He had been playing tackle football since childhood. The results were not pretty.

No one wants to see an end to football. I would like to know the truth. The truth is no helmet can stop your brain from hitting your skull, yet.