That is Geoff Gaylord. The 37 year-old entered the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Tuesday and turned himself in... For killing his imaginary friend, Mr. Happy. “His room was a mess all the time with his toys and dolls,” he told the police. “He left his empty vodka bottles all over the kitchen… never picked up his empty cocaine baggies and left the toilet seat down when he peed. He messed up my apartment to the point where I just couldn’t get it clean. Before Hap started doing drugs and acting weird he was my BFF (best friend forever). We’d go dancing, play on the children’s park equipment, both huge fans of doom metal – listened to it for hours with the lights turned off.”

Police said Gaylord was extremely intoxicated and threatened to kill them after they told him they could not give him the death penalty for his crime. They searched his house and found drug paraphernalia and a machine gun. Gaylord was booked on multiple charges. Bail has not been set.

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