Can you smell that? Fat Tuesday is right around the corner, which means pączki's are too. You know what you could use to wash down those delicious jelly-filled pastries? Some pączki flavored vodka.

Detroit City Distillery announced this week that their limited-edition Pączki Day Vodka will be returning on February 1. The vodka is distilled with raspberry pączki from the New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck. Bottles are $30 each and you can order them online.

Distiller at Detroit City Distillery, Steve Orzechowski created the vodka in 2017 when he had a craving for his favorite flavored pączki and polish vodka. Orzechowski said he originally made the vodka to honor his Polish heritage but requests continued to pour in.

“I made Pączki Day Vodka because I wanted to capture the essence of the Hamtramck Pączki Day party in a bottle. It’s a real honor to create something that the community has made part of the celebration and the comradery of the day.”

Each batch of vodka requires 18-dozen pączki baked fresh the morning of Fat Tuesday. They're then soaked in vodka for 24 hours. If you plan on buying a bottle or two this year, you better set a reminder because they sold out in four and a half hours last year.

If you've never had a pączki (POONCH-kee), they're a deep fried pastry filled with fruit or a cream filling and coated with powdered sugar or glaze. They come in several different flavors like raspberry, lemon, apple, strawberry, plum and custard. Pączki are usually eaten on Fat Tuesday before Lent.

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