"Don't $#%#* shoot", the pet parrot said in the voice of Martin Duram, the 46 year old Sand Lake man who was fatally shot in his West Michigan home May 12, 2015 - the same day that sheriff's deputies were scheduled to auction off the home shared by Duram and his wife Glenna Duram.

Martin Duram was shot five times and Glenna Duram was shot once in the head that day. When police got to the scene, they thought that both were dead, but she survived what was meant to be a murder-suicide.

The Detroit News has a lot of the sordid details here of secret gambling debts, trespassers who found evidence on the scene and a psychic with details of Duram's death.

49 year old Glenna Duram was convicted yesterday of first degree-murder in the death of Martin Duram.




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