Dog owners, beware! One of your best friend's favorite treats may be harmful to its health. Be sure to check the ingredient label on your peanut butter jar before giving it to your dog.

Some peanut butter manufacturers have been using the artificial sweetener called Xylitol as opposed to sugar. But, veterinarians and pet lovers are sending warnings that some manufacturers are ignoring. According to, Xylitol is fatally harmful to your dog, in surprisingly small doses. The sugar substitute causes hypoglycemia in dogs and even complete liver failure. A scale used in the article shows that how little of an amount of Xylitol will harm your dog.

  • 10 pound dog  - 0.45 grams to reach a toxic dose causing hypoglycemia, and 2.3 grams for complete liver failure.
  • 30 pound dog - 1.36 grams to reach a toxic dose causing hypoglycemia, and 6.8 grams for complete liver failure.
  • 70 pound dog - 3.18 grams to reach a toxic dose causing hypoglycemia, and 15.9 grams for complete liver failure.

The table also states in a footnote that pre-existing medical conditions are not taken into account.

It is important to know that not all peanut butter brands use Xylitol. It is commonly found in organic and unique brands as well as in cheaper, non-brand name types. An article I found on says most mainstream brands, like Jif, do not use Xylitol.

But, do your furry friend a favor and thoroughly check the ingredient label, as manufacturers do not clearly put warnings on their jars, as there is no threat to humans.