Have you ever heard of a 'squirrel king'? Neither had I until I stumbled upon this story.

If I saw those fat, taunting squirrels that live in my back yard tied together by their tails, I would probably leave them there to suffer, that's how much I dislike them.

But this was different. These were little baby squirrels who got into that predicament and thanks to the Grand Blanc Police Department, are now free to run off and grow up to be fat. miserable squirrels who live in someone's backyard.

Seven baby squirrels were tied together by their tails, and eventually became too big for their nest, and spilled out onto to the street, where onlookers were powerless to help them.

Enter the Grand Blanc Police Department who were called to the scene. According to a Facebook post from the department:

SQUIRREL!!! Takes on a whole new meaning for officers. 911 received a call of 7 squirrels, who were tied together by their tails. Sure enough a scurry of young squirrels were found at the base of a tree, in the 2100 block of Russell St. It appears they became entangled while in their nest and finally grew to a point the nest couldn’t hold them.
Under the watchful eye of mama squirrel, officers with the help of a citizen were able to separate all seven kits. Their tails will need a little time to fill back in, but they are safe. Great team effort!

Did you know that this phenomenon has a name? It's called a 'squirrel king'. And on the Wikipedia page, they keep track of every 'squirrel king' entanglement that gets into the news.

There's also a 'rat king' when rats get their tails tangled, but no one cares about rats, so no one keeps track of those.


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