UPDATE: We're told by a resident in the area that the incident was completely harmless and deriving from a simple misunderstanding. It has been resolved.


I saw the following post on Facebook and it seems legitimate (and quite frightening) and I thought is was important to share. Follow-up indicates that Lansing police were reportedly notified. This is what the post stated:

"I contemplated whether or not to put this out there, but after some thought and conversation decided it couldn’t hurt. If this story does nothing more than bring awareness or offer fellow parents an opportunity to talk with their kiddos, I’m okay with that.

Yesterday, my 8-year old son and I took advantage of the nice weather and ventured off on a walk/bike ride to the park; him on his bike, me on foot. My son got a couple blocks ahead of me and stopped to wait for me to catch up. A newer model pearl white PT Cruiser pulled off of a main road and up to my son. I could see the person in the PT Cruiser talking to my son through the passenger window, and my son turned around to see where I was. My mama bear instincts kicked in and I started yelling and running towards the situation. The car ended up taking off quickly, and before I was able to get a plate number. Once I reached my son, he told me that the driver was an “older lady with white curly hair, and she was wearing a light blue shirt”. He said she held up a black action figure and asked him if he wanted to come closer to check it out, then asked him if he wanted to keep it. One last detail and I’m not 100% sure that this part was even related, but there was another car that had pulled in behind the PT Cruiser. The second car was an older model, black Honda. That car just sat there, but it also took off at the same time the PT Cruiser did.

Maybe this was an innocent old lady with a love for action figures? Maybe this was a ploy/scam to get my son into her car? Either way, the scenario has left me with an uneasy feeling in my gut and I thought I would share. This all happened near the corner of Miller and Haag Roads in Lansing."


Why do people think just because it was a "little old lady" that it was a clueless thing? Had it been a man, everyone would immediately think it was bad. Could have been a guy with a old lady wig on. Sorry...but that kind of thinking could be dangerous. These days you have to watch out fir ANYONE trying to get a child to come to the car. Scary ! ~Jane

 I do not think it was a clueless old lady or an innocent visit..... I've worked for Child & Family Services and this was a ploy. Pleeeeease tell your friend to report this incident to the Police right away. Doing so just might save another child's life!!!!! ~ Emily

I always tell kids and parents, "if it makes you feel uncomfortable, there is a reason, and you should report it."This example is the perfect situation to use to talk to your kids about "tricky strangers". Role play and practice with them. Give them a script and teach them to trust themselves. ~ Becki

Wow this would terrify me. I'm glad your friend reported it and I do NOT believe this was some innocent old lady. Way too sketchy. One can never be too careful. I don't like this at all. ~ Angela

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