While "Anthropophobia" (fear of people) saw a jump this year, here is a look at what we Michiganders most fear.

There are few actual, tangible things that truly terrify me. Aside from my crippling anxiety and fear that everyone in my life only pretends to like me, I'm most scared of three things: moths, getting kidnapped, clowns and (for some reason) bounce-houses/castles/getting into anything inflatable.

Yes, they all are pretty irrational...especially the inflatables thing...but I'm not the type of person who is deeply afraid of the paranormal, snakes or even *dun dun dunnnn* spiders!

However, it appears that my fellow Michiganders are collectively more afraid of spiders than anything else.

Psych News Daily broke down the survey published by ADT to find the "most searched" fear in each state which they extrapolated to deem those each state's biggest fear.

While "most searched" may not exactly mean that people in that state actually have that fear, it also just might be true. All in all, it can give us some good insight into what fears people struggle with the most.

They found that more Michiganders were searching "arachnophobia" (fear of spiders) while the most states were looking into what exactly a "fear of people" entails.

Yes, in true 2020 fashion, more people were reading up on "Anthropophobia" this year as well as searches on "the fear of being alone" were done three times more than in 2020.

Of course, other states kind of followed Michigan's lead with fears of things like clowns, blood, needles and the dark but what I want to know more about are the people in the states that fear things like "intimacy"  and "failure". Are they okay?

Also, HOW are people in California of all places afraid of social media!?

This year has really tested a lot of people's limits and probably made them discover a lot of potentially newer fears about themselves. At least we here in Michigan are afraid of something that can (but doesn't have to be) smashed with a shoe...

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