My friend Eric Larsen from the CF Fighters called in to talk about a fight coming to St. Johns VFW Post 4113 Saturday, SATURDAY, SATURDAY!!! June 8th.


I grew up watching wrestling. My favorite wrestlers of ALL TIME are:

#1 The Rock. #2 Macho Man Randy Savage. #3 Mankind.

I think the better argument is who had the best finishing move of all time?

Growing up, we loved the body slam but now they have the chokeslam.

The piledriver was always scary. The Boston Crab. The Figure Four Leglock.

My favorite to see was Macho Man's flying elbow. The Stone Cold Stunner was always fun and he got to stun a lot of people.

So, it's in St. Johns Saturday June 8th. Who knows what moves you will see unless you BE THERE! They'll give you the whole seat... But you'll only need the edge!


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