I am so grateful to be working for an employer that cares about my health and has allowed me to work from home. It got to a point, where the anxiety was getting so bad, it was paralyzing. They set me up with a lap top and since March 24th, I have been doing the show from my house.

My studio was thrown together at the last minute. It kills me to see pictures of the other DJ's with a better setup than me. My wife and I share a spot in the kids toy room. I grew up in this house and it used to be my parents bedroom. I was likely conceived in the room I am broadcasting from. You can see my microphone sticking out of my dresser, classy stuff.

I told my wife... I have an idea!

She said: Careful, you could kill us all.

In our transition, as the kid takes over the entire house, we have been pushed back to this room. We have been moving out the winter clothes for the summer clothes and we have been running out of space. Next to the microphone, you see the underwear sock.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

We stopped bringing the plastic shopping bags in the house because we don't bring anything in our house. So, our plastic bag socks became available. To free up a much needed drawer, I emptied my undies into the sock and BLAM!  I freed up an entire summer shirt drawer.

Classic Rock and Underwear socks go way back.

Journey from Evolution Courtesy of Columbia records.

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