It's hard for me to believe American Idol is still a thing. Even harder to imagine, 10 years ago Adam Lambert didn't win. He was the runner up to Kris Allen. Adam did win a lot of Classic Rock hearts and he won over Queen.

Tonight The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story tells the history of how they joined forces. It's 2 hours long.

I love Brian May and the music of Queen. It needs to continue.

I love Adam Lambert but even he will tell you, he is NOT trying to be Freddie Mercury.

I will not pay a cent to see these guys together.

I would like to see Queen do what Journey did and scour the world for someone who looks and sounds like Freddie. Brian and the band is still awesome but the Adam Lambert thing has run it's course... Or has it? Find out tonight on ABC at 8pm... Or don't.


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