Summertime in Michigan brings out the best in ingenuity! Sometimes you never have to leave Lansing to see some of the offspring of the Mother of Invention. This bus was spotted at a local "Super Center." I wonder how long it took to fit the bus with such a custom door?

A/C unit and generator.....BOTH RUNNING!

And we all know first hand how hot and humid Michigan summers can be! It seems this van from Texas, was prepared for just that. While on a visit to the "Thrifty Acres" in West Lansing, I spotted this little gem. This Darwin Award candidate had both the generator and the A/C unit running while the gas can was securely strapped to it!

We would love to see some of your finds while on the hi-ways and by-ways of the Great Lakes State this year! Just make sure that you vehicle is stopped while taking a picture or just plain laughing out loud! - Duran