I am from one of the most redneck towns in Michigan and laugh at this top 10 list. When I see Owosso on this list at #10, I think the fix is in. I LOVE Owosso and have never had to stop on a main road for a tractor to let us pass. I have never been held up by an old farmer hauling corn. They have a Hardee's in Owosso and there is NOTHING redneck about that. That was NOT part of the criteria used in determining the 10 most redneck cities in Michigan. Roadsnacks.com put together the list. CLICK HERE to see it. 

Your definition of redneck may vary from the authors of the article. When I think redneck, I think "Squeal like a pig boy." Maybe I am just jaded?

I have been called redneck, even this week. I do NOT take this as an insult and the towns shouldn't take it as an insult. People are talking about your town. Party on!

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