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Yesterday at the polls, Michigan voters chose by a margin of 56-44 percent to allow legal recreational use of marijuana for those 21 years of age and older.

You probably won't be able to legally purchase marijuana at commercial outlets until early 2020, according to the Detroit Free Press. also reports that it should be legal for 21 and over persons to use cannabis ten days after certification of yesterday's election results, which means that possession and use falling within guidelines approved under Proposal 1 will no longer be an arrestable offense.

You still won't be able to publicly consume marijuana or drive while under the influence and if you grow, there are very specific guidelines.

Next up will be sorting through the licensing for businesses to sell marijuana products of all variety. In anticipation of the passing of Prop 1, the state legislature did make a preemptive move this year by passing laws disallowing marijuana infused alcoholic beverages.

There remains a lot to navigate along this road, including whether or not to expunge the records of those convicted of what were previously misdemeanor marijuana violations.

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