Did you see "Dead Poets Society?"


"Good Morning, Vietnam?"

"What Dreams May Come?"

"Good Will Hunting?"

They are some pretty powerful movies that had a profound impact on my life. They seemed to find me at the perfect time. These were the more serious roles he took.

He was such an energetic actor but when you looked into his eyes, you could see the pain. He seemed deep down like a quiet introvert who kept to himself. With depression, that is a recipe for disaster.

It's not how you died, it's how you lived and the lives you touched. Robin Williams touched the lives of millions. I am hopeful someone battling depression will be saved because of his death. The really sad question is: If Robin Williams battled and lost to depression, what chance do I have? He was happiest when he was distracted. He seemed happiest when he was being other people, helping other people.

All my life, Robin Williams has been a background player in it. From Mork, to his comedy, to his battles with substances and finally, to his inspiring characters, Robin Williams went to places other actors fear to go. I hope he has found peace.