Ben Katzman's Degreaser is an alt-pop-metal group from Florida, spearheaded by, as the name indicates, Ben Katzman. The singer/guitarist is fearless in his songwriting, taking influences from so many polarizing places that it threatens to erase the very concept of elitism rampant within rock and metal music. Influence transcends music and looks up to the stars, as each track on 'Astrology 101' is dedicated to one of the 12 zodiac signs. He was even nice enough to provide Loudwire with one rock or metal album that perfectly corresponds with each sign's traits.

I’m Ben Katzman and I'm a dork obsessed with all things shredding and navigating the cosmos of pseudoscience.

If there was ever a way to combine my love of KISS and astrology it would be my newest record, Astrology 101, out now through Starburns Industries Press!

Astrology, when used right, is a tool that can be used to channel deep introspection and tap into our biggest potential. Similarly, the power of metal can be used to help us navigate through our deepest experiences in this dimension.

Whether it be the burst of confidence we get from hearing Rob Halford commanding us to raise our horns or the tears we allow to run down our face as we crank a power ballad such as "Home Sweet Home," heavy metal and rock 'n' roll has a way of becoming the soundtrack to this shred fest we call life.

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Like rock and metal and its many subgenres, each sign has its own qualities but they all share common themes. The list below is my entry-level guide to the cosmos as interpreted by the rock and metal records we know and love!

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Which album are you?

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