Someone is going to feel attacked for this one.

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How many times has it happened to you?

You stopped to get gas, a lottery ticket, a pop. Something from the combo gas station/convenience store.

You're hungry.

And there it is out of the corner of your eye. Glistening. Rotating.

The hot dogs, egg rolls, and taquitos cry out as if singing a song...

"They see me rollin...they're hungry..."

Do you dare? Have you ever? Do you do it often?

You may be crazy, but are you, "eat a gas station roller dog" crazy?

Far from both gourmet and healthy, offerings are both plentiful and varied.

Wait, did I say far from gourmet. Pardon my manners.

I completely forgot about gas station sushi and egg rolls. But I feel as if that is another gastronomic conundrum to tackle another day.

Back to the roller dog.

You're starving and at a convenience store. They are probably on sale or buy one get one free.

Because you need two of these gut bombs in your life right this instant.

You're stomach's like "feed me", your brain is like "you know better", and your eyes are like "holy crap, they have toppings and chili and cheese".

Sodium level INTENSIFIES!!!!

You haven't even approached the "what are these hot dogs made of" question yet because you know that THESE aren't the highest quality of franks they could find.

Chances are your dog has a few hundred milligrams of sodium (or more) and a few grams of saturated fat, but the kicker is that it's likely made of mechanically separated meat, which is what's left after bones are fed through a sieve at a high temperature, pulling off any residual meat and shaping it into a tube form.

So if you're invested in knowing exactly what you're eating and ensuring it's of a high grade, the gas station hot dog is not your ideal food choice. (mashed)

Finally, as you stare at the glistening, rotating mystery meat nestled beside the burnt taquitos and questionable egg rolls, HOW LONG HAVE THOSE THINGS BEEN ON THERE.

How many times have you seen the signs that say "the food behind these signs is not ready yet"? That's good, right? Because the last thing you should be biting into is a semi-frozen extra plump sodium meat tube.

But truly, how many times have you looked and seen a hot dog that appears to have withered under the desert sun and placed on the roller grill you see before you.

Who left this here?

Trust me, the counter attendant doesn't appear to be health department board certified. They just want to get you your lottery tickets, cigarettes, and out of the store so they can go on break.

But you are hungry.

And they do have toppings.

What's the worst that could happen?

If all else fails, there is that gas station bathroom.

Go ahead. Live dangerously.

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