A few years ago, a friend I grew up with asked me to send him some Vernors because he had not had it in years and was sick. It wasn't hard to find here but in other states you have to settle for Canada Dry- YUCK! There are a lot of things to miss about this state when you are gone. Politics is NOT one of them.

onlyinyourstate.com has listed the 10 Ways Living in Michigan Ruins You for Life. Click here to check it out. It's a decent list but Vernors was a glaring omission. Once you hit one of the piers or beaches of the Great Lakes, you are ruined for life.

We are surrounded by so much natural beauty here in Michigan. When I was in Dallas, I found myself depressed because I couldn't see the sunrise and sunset. Plus, there isn't a lot of lakes or rivers I am used to. Also, the Michigan gas stations are everywhere! In Texas, you really have to look to find them. We are pretty spoiled even though sometimes we may not grasp the full appreciation for how awesome our state is. Yes, we have our share of problems but no doubt Michigan has ruined me for life... In the best way.