Have you ever watched the movie Vacation and the scene where Clark Griswold asks cousin Eddie how much money he needs to borrow? And cousin Eddie replies with "about fifty-two thousand dollars." Well. the look that Clark had on his face was the same look when I had to purchase three adult tickets for Epcot last Wednesday.

All things considered, I still find it to be amazing. My wife, daughter and I, all had different takes on what our favorite part was. Sara, my wife, really enjoyed "Soarin'. A virtual flight around the world in about 3 minutes. That of course, courtesy of a 55 minute wait with impatient kids and the parents who feel the need to selfishly ignore them. But I digress. All of the attractions were met with same zeal that Disney brings to their attention to detail. Nothing is done in a halfway manner and the price you pay shows it!

All in all, a great time was had by my family and me as we made this a last hurrah before my daughter heads off to Northern Michigan University in August.

Big E 2


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