Looking for homes can be a daunting task. My wife and I have been looking for 2 and a half years and finally found our home. Best part of today's market vs. a year ago let alone two years ago is that you don't have to throw the kitchen sink in with your offer and you're not offerering $40K over asking price.

Laingsburg is a great community. They have a nice downtown district that has some mom and pop restaurants, a hardware store and they also have a public library. The school system is great, my son attends school in Laingsburg.

Laingsburg is the type of community that has each other's back. It seems that everyone in Laingsburg knows each other. Rest assured if you are ever in need, your neighbors will step up to the plate.

Another cool thing about Laingsburg is that you can have bon fires, it's a short drive to Lansing and it's in the country. Serenity is a huge thing for me, if it is for you, Laingsburg could be your next home. The only thing about Laingsburg you need to worry about is going 26 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Laingsburg has some impressive homes. There's actually a lot of lake property in Laingsburg. If you're in the market for a new home, you want some serenity and like living in the country, consider moving to the "Burg". Check this log cabin out below.

Beautifully Modernized Log Cabin in Laingsburg, Michigan

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