You may not know it yet but you may be a glamper. I found out today I am. What is glamping? The internet defines it as glamorous camping. I am totally guilty.

When I was a kid we used to ROUGH it camping. We had a pond by our house and each year our family and another family would get together camping for the week. Even though we were close to our house, we had to go to the woods to use the bathroom. Camp life was rough.

Later, we started camping at the Ingham County Fair. Sleeping in a tent SUCKS! It's uncomfortable and takes about a week after before your back stops hurting. One year, we borrowed an RV from a friend and I have never been able to stay in a tent again.

You can have a tent and glamp but I prefer an RV or a cabin with a bathroom. Especially in the COVID times, plopping down next to strangers in a bathroom while they grunt one out isn't so appealing to me anymore.

#2 on the list, Mount Bohemia Adventure Resort was voted #3 ski resort in America by USA Today. It looks pretty amazing even in the summer. Click here to check out some of the cabins. It's in Lac La Belle, Michigan up in the U.P. They all look amazing but The Tiki huts of Lake Huron looks like some fun. 

Glamping... Taking the rough out of camping. With a very stupid name that sounds offensive.

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