After multiple reports of sexual harassment by the lawmaker, the Shelby Township senator has been removed from chairmanship and ordered to undergo training.

It all started when Allison Donahue, reporter for the Michigan Advance, told her story about an inappropriate comment by the senator and it spread nationally.

That inspired other women to come forward like fellow senator Mallory McMorrow and Melissa Osborn, from the Michigan Credit Union League.

Calls for investigation were answered and now the the Senate Business Office has released a summary of the probe.

Two outside lawyers and the Senate's human resources manager (nonpartisan legal counsel) reviewed text messages, video, diagrams, audio recordings and conducted 25 interviews.

While the report and findings are to be kept confidential, a summary says they found all witnesses interviewed to be "credible" and concluded “more likely than not” each incident occurred as it was reported.

It also said Lucido's pattern of behavior requires “little to no interpretation to be understood as inappropriate workplace behavior.”

As Lucido has been removed from his chairmanship on the Senate Advice and Consent Committee and has been ordered to undergo training, he has not yet apologized.

While Lucido's actions pointed to a bigger issue, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says the Senate's sexual harassment policies will be reviewed by a newly-formed, bipartisan workgroup.

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