Summer in Michigan, for many people, means getting out and enjoying all the beautiful nature our state has to offer.

While many people have time off for the Fourth of July holiday or have various Independence Day traditions, here are some of the most gorgeous hikes in Michigan you can add to your trip(s)!

  • 1. Grand River Trail
    • This one is right here in our lovely capital city of Lansing
    • The Scenery: according to its scenic views include a "meandering path" over river bluffs, wetlands, old farms and forests they say are even more beautiful in the Fall.
  • 2. North Country National Scenic Trail
    • Our state is home to only one quarter of the 4,600-miles of this trail. It literally goes across SEVEN states with about 1,150 miles of it right here in Michigan.
    • The Scenery: says there is varying terrains like wooded river and lakes in the northern Lower Peninsula but in the Upper Peninsula there's national forest and Lake Superior views.
  • 3. Greenstone Ridge Trail - Isle Royale
    • According to, Isle Royale is "the least visited park in the Lower 48." Meaning this trail is pretty undisturbed by the outside world. It's known for being a pretty challenging hike.
    • The Scenery: The whole park is gorgeous, but the trail specifically features vistas of norther Lake Superior, white pine forests, granite outcroppings and even (sometimes) moose!
  • 4. Lakeshore-North Country Trail - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
    • This is a route that actually picks up as part of the North Country National Scenic Trail (see #2). says it is a pretty moderate hike and can be picked up in Grand Marais or Munising for a "day hike."
    • The Scenery: "Lake Superior, Au Sable Light Station, Chapel Rock and Spray and Bridalveil Falls." -
  • 5. Pyramid Point Trail - Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore
    • Sleeping Bear Dunes often gets the spotlight for its hiking trails but says the most beautiful spot is Pyramid Point.
    • The Scenery: meadows full of wildflowers, paper birch forests, views of sand dunes and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan at the overlook.
  • 6. Big Carp River Trail - Porcupine Mountains
    • According to, Porcupine Mountains covers 60,000 acres of the western U.P and features 90 miles of trails. The Big Carp River Trail, however, boasts some of the park's best views.
    • The Scenery: various ways to get to Lake of the Clouds and the park's highest lake, Mirror Lake which sits 1,532 feet above sea level.
  • 7. Au Sable River Foot Trail - Hartwick Pines State Park
    • As put it, this is one of the easiest hikes on this list with a lot of history! Located right in Hartwick Pines are many virgin white pines and is a forest that once almost didn't exist anymore because of the lumberjack industry.
    • The Scenery: Up-close and personal with old virgin white pines, views of the Au Sable River and just a short added hike can take you to the Logging Museum and reconstructed logging camp.

Think we missed any? Feel free to share your favorite hiking trails you think every Pure Michigander should see!

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