"Just because you live in a jungle... It doesn't mean you need to act like an animal." -My Mom.

Sometimes I try to live like someone is watching. I had a few nice workers at Meijer take my cart while they were corralling the carts. After that, I decided to become a part of the solution, not the problem. For the past 3 years, whenever I would shop at Meijer or anywhere, I would park as far away as possible to get a bit of extra walking in. Plus, I would look for the shopping cart that traveled the farthest from the store and return it to the corral for the workers so they didn't have to do it. Will this get me into heaven?

Apparently yes. Social media has the shopping cart test. It goes like this. The last time you went shopping, did you just leave the cart there in the parking lot or return it to the cart corral? If you returned it, you are a good person. If you didn't you ARE GOING TO BURN IN HELL!!! Click here READ MORE! 

I hear the people with kids saying, "I HAVE KIDS!"

So, do I. Now, since COVID, I stopped grabbing others carts but when you do have your kid, park closer to the cart corral. Those spots are usually pretty open. Then, there is no excuse not to be a good person. Don't make the world pickup your garbage.

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