This is probably the world's dumbest question, but yes it does matter to people! I have about seven face masks lying in my car that are in rotation, and one of which just so happens to be a Christmas mask.

Do I wear said Christmas mask still?


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Now, my first defense for wearing it is that it's my only clean mask (some days that is very true). My other defense is it's just a mask that I'm forced to wear for about 13 hours a day. My other defense is, I paid money for it, so I'm going to wear it.

So, let's discuss this.

Is wearing a Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other type of face mask appropriate in a non-holiday season?

I don't know what your personal answer is, but I've had a lot of people get upset with me for wearing my Christmas mask in April. In my defense, it's breathable and comfortable and stays on my face correctly all day long.

This mask was only bought for a holiday event at my work, yet saw its way into the regular rotations of my face masks. The current retail job I work at actually stopped sending us adult face masks and started sending more children masks, so I could try changing it out, but it may take a second or two of looking.

I'm a cloth mask type of guy though. I wasn't very fond of the paper face masks when the pandemic first started. I couldn't stand the smell inside of them, and the straps would always end up pulling on and hurting my ears. However, if need be, you'll see me in a non-reusable face mask.

What are your opinions on this? Get just as vocal as some of my coworkers have in our app or on our social media.

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