I hate to say I saw this made on Rachel Ray but I did. They were doing BIG GAME treats for the party and this jumped right out at me. I LOVE the Pillsbury Crescent rolls and the gordita at Taco Bell. This is like a combination of both.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

The directions are simple, I found them here and followed them. I made ours smaller than the directions called for because there are just 2 of us. Mrs. Pants precooked the taco meat so all I had to do was use the crescent dough and form it up. I did have excess dough and filled in spots that didn't have any coverage.

You just add taco meat and cheese. I added sour cream because I am crazy like that. Mrs. Pants was BLOWN away. "It looks so good for your first time trying it." We ate it all. It's a great treat to take to your Big Game party and turn heads.

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