I've never been secretive about my opinion of new music these days: brainless, cookie-cutter, lazy, and no need for talent are phrases that come top of mind. That's why I am so happy to see when legendary musicians with an actual taste for talent and ability step forth to do their part to see that real music lives on in the minds of today's youth.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Mike Campbell, of The Heartbreakers fame, announced last month his second annual benefit show coming up later this month. Proceeds will benefit, not only an animal rescue mission (cool in and of itself), but also the band department at Manual Arts High School in L.A.

Now Eddie Van Halen is jumping on the ship of rightness, as well, making a surprise visit to L.A.'s Foshay Learning Center. Eddie spoke to a class of 27 about his ventures as a rock legend, and what it took for him to acheive his dream. Along with Fender Musical Instruments Company, Van Halen donated one of his signature amps to the school, and provided the students with gift bags that any aspiring guitarist would love...strings, picks, straps, cables, and keychains!!

Kudos to Eddie Van Halen for doing the right thing, and seeing to it that rock & roll never dies!!! We pay respect for his act of goodness with three from VH for your Six O'Clock Triple Shot!