Bob Dylan has always been a straight-forward, thought provoking kind of guy. But, Dylan’s recent words to the Rolling Stone French edition have landed him into legal trouble.

As most are reminded during family holiday gatherings, politics and religion are topics best left to folk and rock songwriters. Dylan has certainly covered his fair share of those topics in fifty years of being a songwriter. And, I can imagine it is likely difficult to filter such a creative mind at times. But, when it comes to the topic of racism, I feel it’s a topic that should be left alone in most circumstances. And, if you’re bold enough to speak of racism that filter better be a heavy-duty one…especially when talking to the media.

As you can read, Dylan’s remarks started simply as another mental gem to chew on and ponder. But as he summarized his thoughts to the reporter, he started using specific examples of historical persecution to support his opinion…or, maybe “theory” is the correct term. An organization called the Council of Croats has taken exception to his specific examples, and has now filed suit against the legendary songwriter.

Regardless of how you feel about Dylan’s remarks, this should serve as a reminder to all of us. As the old school saying goes…be sure your brain is in gear before engaging mouth. Thoughts and words can be some of the most dangerous weapons in the world if not used properly. I know I’ve learned this lesson more than once in my life. You just never know how somebody will interpret or react to controversial comments…even if you are a legend.

Tonight, with Bob Dylan in the news, we remember what made him the outspoken legend he is…three from Dylan for your Six O’Clock Triple Shot!!