(The Six O'Clock Triple Shot is a daily feature of three songs that share a common theme, heard weeknights on 94.9 WMMQ)

It's another trip in the Rock 'n' Roll time machine tonight. Pink Floyd began a U.K. Tour on February 19, 1972 with four shows at London's Rainbow Theater. It was during these shows that the band gave its fans a glimpse of what "The Dark Side of the Moon" looks like...errr...sounds like. Nearly one year before the LP's release, Pink Floyd put the album's material on display for the first time. Little did they, or anyone, know that it would set multiple sales records and go down as one of the greatest albums of all time. This Youtube link lets you hear how the first renditions sounded 43 years ago:

Tonight, we'll do three form the iconic LP. Tune in for "Speak To Me/Breathe/On The Run", "Us And Them", and "Brain Damage/Eclipse". It's tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!