I feel amazing since I have changed my diet and eating all the things I never thought I would. Even golfing had become challenging for me this year. I just never felt good enough to be there.

Last night, my team Billy Baroo Balls finished in last place. It was all Pat's fault. Not really, it was mine. Regardless, I felt great and it was a beautiful night. I spent about a half hour chatting on the practice putting green before the guy on the left, Mark said... "Are you on the radio?"

"I am sorry for being loud." I said.

"Do you work with Deb?"

Yeah, that's me. Hi. I am Joey Pants."

Mark and Jack made my night by saying hey. Duran recently asked me if people recognize me in public by my voice? While I get a lot of long looks, this was the first time it has happened on the golf course. I'll be bringing them shirts next week,