Look man, Nickelback doesn't need you to like them. They don't need me to like them. They are one of the most successful Canadian rock bands ever. They have been around since 1995 and have sold nearly 50 million albums in a time where people AIN'T buying albums anymore. Some stores don't even sell them anymore. Nickelback is NOT Classic Rock but in many ways, they are Classic.

I haven't seen this many grown white guys hate on a band since Creed. The HATE for Greta Van Fleet is close but they are a Michigan band! Give them some love. Seriously, the HATE for Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroger is so great, this is what is says on the yahoo search.

Chad Kroger

This is how they remind you. It's not just guys that hate Nickelback. Women too. Some people say "He's so ugly." Like being good looking has ever mattered for being a singer.

Nickelback has a new single and they are covering the late Charlie Daniels "Devil Went Down to Georgia." It wasn't what I expected.

It's a suped up, heavy version that features some fancy guitar picking and a even better video. No one will believe it's Nickelback if they hear it... It's ok. Check it out.

What are your favorite songs with the Devil in it?

Do you think Charlie Daniels rolled over in his grave and punched the ol' Devil in the nuts?

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