Apparently, today is World Teachers's Day, an effort to give recognition to the tremendous work done by those who, in the best cases, teach our children how to think critically. How to calculate complicated equations, write poetry, read music, biology and SO much more.

I started thinking about some of my favorite teachers from my childhood and instantly Mrs. Bober came to mind, along with Mrs. Jozwiak and Ms. Wittbrodt (it just occurred to me that Ms. Wittbrodt might be on Facebook, so I looked her up. Found her. I'm speculating that she probably doesn't want to be 'friend requested' by all her former students, so I'm going to leave her alone. And I'd hate to be a disappointment to her, should she have remembered me.)

Interestingly, Joey Pants' Kindergarten teacher was WMMQ Afternoon Host Nick Chase's grandmother.