Political music? Nope. Any Rage Against the Machine song works. Especially from the debut. Freedom and Township Rebellion especially. Rage was once on banned radio list after 9-11 as to not incite anger. I played them on another station in 2004 and got fired :) It lead to me getting my job here. Testify got me fired.

I just wanted to remind you of some election day songs to add to your playlist. Alice Cooper has the #1 song for today... Elected.

Don't forget the Clash with No Your Rights.

Joe Walsh with Vote for Me.

Chicago with Vote for Me.

Metallica with the Shortest Straw from... and Justice For All (with actual bass)

There may be more that fit the bill... Do you have a song that pumps you up on election day? Send us a message on the WMMQ app or add one in the comments.

I NEVER talk politics on the show. One time I did, had a lot of fun. Got my heart beating like never before. Made a few points. Then, you realize you just pissed off half of your audience and some people you really like.

That is why I won't ever share my opinion on the radio about anything political. No one cares unless they agree. The ones who do not agree may never come back.

I had this crazy revelation, people care more about the politicians they have never met than they do their own family members. I got caught up in it too once but after a few friends told me I should focus on the funny and entertaining, I remembered, all talking politics does is divide people who have more in common than they do differences.

Either way, half the country will be happy, the others pissed off for the next four years.

If you don't vote, you can't complain.

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