Many columnists have their own opinion about what Michigan’s “Most Haunted” location is.

Some of these include:
Pere Cheney,
Traverse City Asylum,
Marquette Orphanage,
Nunica Cemetery,
Mackinac Island,
Crybaby Bridge,
Hatchet Man Road…and the list goes on & on.

I’ve written about what others think are the 'Most Haunted' locations, and therefore, I still haven’t made up my mind which of the hundreds – maybe thousands – of Michigan locations would be the scariest or contain the most paranormal activity.

So here is another one that is said to be Michigan’s 'Most Haunted' location: South Manitou Island, 16 miles from the Leelanau Peninsula. This little island has an old schoolhouse, lighthouse, empty campgrounds…and possibly a mass grave.

According to the tale, there was a ship loaded with cholera-infected passengers that docked at the island. Sailors dug a huge mass grave and proceeded to bury the dead…and threw in some still-alive sufferers as well.

The island has two cemeteries and a woods full of cedar trees, where ghostly voices and whispers have been heard by hikers and campers. The wreck of the Francisco Morazan lies off the southern coastline, where a boy is said to have drowned while going to explore it by himself. His spirit is said to inhabit the area.

There are plenty of shipwrecks near the island, dating as far back as 1835…those who perished on these ships have to reside somewhere, Right? Why not closeby South Manitou Island?

Cemeteries, deaths, murder, no vehicles, old school in the middle of nowhere, old lighthouse, shipwrecks, and lots of thick woods that contain…who knows? But who in their right mind would venture into the deep woods at night, anyway?

I haven't decided if this is actually Michigan's MOST I'll have to take a trip there and find out for myself.

Visitors are welcome…so why not make the trip?



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