I have a few friends who are growers. A LOT of people have turned to growing indoors this year because of the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Sure, a LOT of people in Michigan grow weed but A LOT of people also grow fruits and vegetables indoors. You can do it organically and with hydroponics, things grow much faster indoors. Until the bugs start making this difficult.

One of the biggest problems for indoor growers are spider mites. You want to KILL THEM ALL but you don't want to poison yourself in the process. Spider mites wipe out millions of dollars every year and drive people insane.

Pretty much anyone who has grown indoors encounters these little bastards. I have a friend who refers to them as "the Borg" because they are so hard to kill. They just keep coming back.

Pretty much everyone has a remedy for them but so few actually work and some are very expensive. Some are as simple as dish soap, although I have never met anyone who swears by only that.

Other predator bugs are an option too, like pirate bugs and lady bugs but there really are no guarantees on ANYTHING. NOTHING is cheap and easy.

Spider mites are rumored to be in certain types of soil if you read paranoid people on the internet.

So, if you have experience murdering spider mites, we would love to hear what worked for you.

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