Betting sports has been in Michigan  for more than a year now. It has done a great job for the state of Michigan. State Senators Brandt Idens and Curtis Hertel  Jr. are responsible for getting sports betting in Michigan.

Our last Governor Rick Snyder turned down sports betting in Michigan. That sure was unbelievable because of what it has done for our State and the areas where the money goes. There are sports betting in some of the casinos across our state but not all of them.

Where people are betting is on the multiple apps that people have on their phones and computers. There are just an unbelievable amount of these various apps like Bet MGM, Draft Kings, Gun Lake and just a slew of these betting apps have emerged in our state.

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Sports betting in Michigan has become a way of life and has been very profitable for the state. There are some people that still aren’t happy we have sports betting because they feel some people can’t handle it and lose way too much money and turn into degenerate gamblers. But you have to be disciplined. Be smart. There is always the disclaimer: you must be 21 and in Michigan–gambling problem–call 1-800-GAMBLER or Michigan problem gambler helpline at 1-800-270-7117.

This is only going to get larger and larger. There are still many states that haven’t adopted sports betting yet and they should. The state of Alabama doesn’t even have lotto or sports betting. That one is a head scratcher. I’m glad Michigan finally has sports betting and after one year things are going to only look up.

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