My church Pig-N-Corn Roast is Saturday Aug 29. Last year, many friends and listeners dropped by and sampled some Pants family pigs and the delicious spread. It's a freewill donation and we raise money for needy families in our community. You can get more info here on the Facebook page.

This is one of my favorite moments from last year. My dad and his granddaughter share a special moment. Not long after this, we discovered my niece in the picture, Kailynn had brain cancer. She has been fighting like a champion ever since.

From the Pants Family stash

We also shot off the Candy Cannon last year. It's like a Piñata but instead of swinging at it, all the kids lineup and run down the candy, once it's shot out.

Every single person in the tent was watching these kids and the joy was infectious. Great food, fellowship and memories to be made. Get info below.

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