Yesterday, I celebrated my 40th year on planet Earth. It also happened to be the unofficial holiday for Star Wars. MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU. Star Wars fans celebrated like they never heard of "Attack of the Clones." Click here to see more Star Wars celebration pictures.

Mrs. Pants and I were shopping a few weeks ago and came across the "Expressions of a Wookie" shirt but they didn't have it in my size. I like 2X to conceal my fatness. Well, can you guess what the first present I opened was? Chewie! The only thing that is better than hearing Chewbacca talk, is watching humans talk like Chewbacca.

Star Wars is my favorite trilogy and movie series of all time. My mom took us 4 kids to the Sun Theater in Williamston when I was 3 back in 1977. She said I cried through the whole thing. The beauty of Star Wars is, every time you watch it, you find something to apply to that stage of your life. "Excitement. Adventure. A Jedi craves not these things." -Yoda.

I have been saying for years they need a Han Solo and Chewbacca origin story. I would watch that any day instead of Jar-Jar.

Let's celebrate with dancing stormtroopers!

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